Monday, October 13, 2014


Well I have very little time to write but this week was very epic! Conference was amazing! I got to watch all of it in English with my shewbie, Elder Bailey, except for the last sesh. It was cool hearing the speakers that spoke their native language, especially when they spoke Spanish.

Well like I always say, the mission is sooo dang hard but that is why I love it so much, cuz it brings me happiness, really the most worth while things in life are the things that we have to work for.  They can be super difficult to achieve but they are the things that bring us true happiness.  Following the commandments can be hard as well but as we live the Gospel and are obedient with exactness we receive blessings, lots of happiness, and eternal life.  I feel like a lot of the conference talks were about sustaining the Prophets, personal revelation, and the difference between today's standards and the Lord's standards and the courage we need to stay on this path. 

Well I've never knocked more doors in my life then we have recently and I've never been so rejected so many times. It just makes my comp and I want to work even harder. We are trying to find the elects and they are worth the time, the rejection, and the pain.  This week, in between conference sessions we were knocking doors and this guy opened his door and started telling us he was from another church and that he didn't have time for us. Well we were super persistent and out of nowhere he let us inato his house, sat us down, and admitted to us that he has been a member of the church for 10 years but that he hasn't gone in 5 years.  He told us that no one had visited him before now.  His heart was softened and he was grateful for our visit this week.  We have an appointment to teach all of his family.   

I had a crazy experience this week that reminded me of how we should follow the spirit in all times and not doubt it.  I was trying to find a house of a less active with my comp and we were a little lost. I needed to call the bishop because he knows all but a thought came to my mind that I should not call at this time.  Even though there was nobody around and it seemed safe, people could see we have a cell phone and jump us later. We were in a dangerous part of the area. I told my comp the thought I had and he agreed with me that we shouldn't call.  Frustrated that I could not find the house, I pulled the cell out anyways and called the bishop.  As I was hanging up the phone some strange hooded man approached me, grabbed me from behind, and tried to grab the phone.  I pulled my hand free and shoved the phone in my pocket then shoved him off of me.  He started threatening to hurt me and pulled out a knife.  For some reason I felt calm.  He was drunk and I felt like he could just be bluffing with his threats.  I started speaking in English and he asked us where we were from.  I told him I did understand and I speak Spanish also.  He kind of got scared but ended up showing us the house we were looking for....weird story but officially I still haven't been robbed and he ended up helping us so... yeah..

Well that's all I got. My time is up but I love you guys. Keep it strong out there. 

Elder Harper   

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