Monday, October 27, 2014


Our visit with Elder Waddell
Well family and friends, it has been yet but another great week in the mission. We are still on the search for the Lord's elect, knocking door-to-door. We still aren't having too much success but hopefully I'll at least leave my son with someone that is prepared to be baptized and a strong convert in the church.

This week we had a 5 hour conference with Elder Waddell, which was really awesome. He is an inspirational man and taught us a lot of doctrine. He focused on baptizing converts and forever families. A favorite quote of the day would be we want kneeled families and not just wet families. It makes more sense in Spanish but he was saying that there are a lot of people who skip steps in the gospel before getting baptizing. That faith and repentance come first but many don't understand or fulfill with the steps and then go inactive soon after. A family that kneels down every night to pray and study the scriptures is a family that is gonna build faith and are going to have true desires to repent and be baptized for the remission of their sins and with the hopes of one day to be sealed in the temple and arrive together in the Celestial Kingdom.

Well we are teaching Mariza. She has known the church for 15 years but hasn't been baptized cuz she's not married. All of her kids are baptized and less active. She moved away for awhile and recently has come back to live in Las Brisas. We found her and her husband one day and committed them to be married. They both agreed and the mother was super excited because she finally will be baptized. The only problem is with her husband's paperwork but if everything goes well, they will be married and she will be baptized in November. 

We live in the third story of a three-story house and recently we found out the family who lives below us are all members, less-actives. They have lived there for years and so have the Elders but recently we have made the connection. It is pretty sweet cuz they are from Jaen and I know all his family and even baptized one of his nephews. It was a cool connection and hopefully we will be able to teach them soon cuz they live real close.

I've got more to say but no time. I love you guys so much. Thanks Dad for making me trunky with your epic surf trip story. love it. You guys are awesome.

Elder Harper

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