Monday, August 25, 2014


Well fam and friends thanks for all the support and advice you have given me. It really helps me and gives me the strength to keep moving forward. This week was good. I did what you told me to do and dragged my comp to run with me one morning but he only lasted one day. But I'm gonna keep trying. Well good news is that all the missionaries now have cell phones. We are about 50 years behind every other mission in the world but it's all good cuz it has made the work here so much more efficient and we are using our time a lot better. 

Well God definitely has blessed us with a new member who has moved into our ward. His name is Joel and he has been a mission leader in all his wards. He loves to serve and is pumped to work. He only works in the mornings and he lives by himself so he has most of the afternoons free to visit with us. He's a real example to us missionaries and to the members of how they can help in the work. Well we have been given new rules. We can no longer baptize anyone who is less than 18 if their parents aren't active members of the church. It's kind of a bummer cuz we were preparing a couple of youth to be baptized but they can't cuz their parents have to get baptized or in the case of Angela, her mom has to be fully active. It's a little hard but it makes sense because here in Peru there are too many less actives and recent converts who are also less active. The new goal is to convert families and baptize entire families. Even though it's gonna be hard, I'm excited to work and look for families that are prepared and ready to receive the gospel. 

This week when I had an exchange with my district leader, we visited Veronica. She told us that she believes in everything we have taught her and believes that the Book of Mormon is true but she still doesn't go to church and has a hard time leaving her Catholic traditions. We discovered it's because she hasn't made an effort to pray. She thinks she doesn't need to pray cuz she already has faith and already believes but we tried to help her understand that to have a true conversion, she needs to pray and ask God to receive a true witness from the spirit. She has been progressing but very slowly. 

Well Sunday was pretty sick. We did splits and I went with a kid named Jeizer who is full of excitement and wanted to teach and preach.  When we didn't have appointments he brought me to his friend's house, introduced me and we taught him. He doesn't have any fear and isn't embarrassed about his religion and it was super impressive for me. Well this is all I have to say ladies and gents and I hope that you all have a great week and don't forget to say your prayers and read your scriptures every day. and I know just as the prophet receives revelation for the church, we can all receive revelation for our personal lives and for our family members. Pray hard and search the scriptures for your answer.

Elder Harper

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