Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello Family!

Well I'm still here in Las Brisas with Elder Lazarte. Neither of us had cambios which was unexpected. We thought he was gonna go and I was gonna train or something but yeah it's all good. This week we did met some new people who might have some potential. Karen went to church and she remains strong but her husband doesn't want to talk to us so there's not much we can do there. We have been teaching a woman named Veronica who was born and raised Catholic. She has cousins who are nuns and she follows all of the traditions of the Catholics even though she isn't active in the church. Well we have been teaching her about the message of the restoration and the Book of Mormon and she has read and prayed and says that she believes it's all true but she's just afraid of what others will say if she decides to change religions cuz her whole fam is hard core catholic. We also taught her the Word of Wisdom and she said she really wants to stop drinking and she told us that it was a blessing we came the day we taught her that cuz her friends wanted her to go to a party but she really didn't want to cuz she didn't want to drink but then we showed up so she didn't have to go. Well we are gonna see how she progresses this week. Her son is pretty interested as well. 

This Sunday I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting but it was the worst cuz there was no microphone and there were shouting and screaming babies. My comp has 2 months left in the mish and has almost lost all desire to work and to study but I'm trying to help him in this. Well this is all I got for you guys this week. Keep it classy and we shall see each other soon.

Elder Harper

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