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Well I was real trunky the other day cuz I heard the voice of my father and mother but couldn't speak to them haha. Yeah, Hermana Sanders had to call her mom for medical reasons. Their telephone was broken so they called outside of our room, and the hermana didn't know how the 147 card worked so I lent her the paper Mom wrote me before I left.  I guess she wasn't thinking so she dialed all the numbers haha, and she recalled to make sure that you guys weren't freaking out.  (Note from Baylor's dad: On Saturday morning we awoke early to our phone ringing a little after 5 am, 8am Peru time.  Michelle answered and a female voice said "sorry wrong number".  Michelle saw on caller ID that it was a call from Peru and we became worried.  Less then an hour later the phone rang again.  My dreams, as a seminary teacher, of getting to sleep-in on the weekend now shattered.  This time I answered.  It was the same young lady.  She introduced herself as a sister missionary serving in the same area as our son Baylor and just wanted to let us know that she was the first call and not to worry, all was well in Peru.  Baylor had just loaned her instructions he had on how to call home and she dialed our number by accident. So Bay was in the room and heard our voices but was being obedient and did not say a word.)

Well I honestly don't have much time cuz we got back late from a chacra (small farm) of a member where we ate empenadas and a bunch of fruit. Well this month has been super tough for us. We are gonna end January without a baptism which is real sad. We are teaching many good people that I know will be baptized this next month and that they just weren't ready before. Alex, Luis and Nicole all want to ba baptized but their dad wont let them (pray for the dad's heart to be softened). We finally met Saturday and he was real chill. We did some smooth talking and he's gonna think about it. And before he knows it, he will probably find himself in the baptismal font as well. That is the hope we have for this family.

We explained this week to Clara and Laura that Rony will be able to baptize them when they are ready. When they heard this, they were super surprised and excited.  We are hoping they will be baptized the 8th. The Hermana Sabina returned from the Jungle where her fam lives and we were able to reconnect with her and teach her.  The last time we taught her she wanted to be baptized but not until afther she returned. When we recently saw her she was a little cold cuz it had been over a month since she went to church and read the scrips but we were able to recharge her animos and she wants to be baptized the 15th of February.

Reina y Britza still haven't returned from their vacation but as for me, this week was awesome. I've really had some awesome spiritual experiences while teaching. As missionaries sometimes we get in the rut of teaching the lessons how we are and not according to what the spirit directs. A lot of the times I do this cuz of my lack of language skill but this week I was able to see how when I didn't think about what I was going to say but only about the person and their needs, the words just came and the spirit was there. I'm teaching a lot more cuz my comp caught on but I love him don't worry. He's a good guy. Well gots to go folks; it was nice hearing your voices and reading your letters!!

Love,  Elder Harper

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