Monday, January 13, 2014


Hola Familia!!!
The monkey and the parrot both accepted a Book of Mormon,
but really the monkey almost ripped it out of my hands,
feisty little truth seeker.

Well the word is out and I'm staying in Jaen for another 6 short weeks. I'm happy cuz there is still a lot of unfinished work to do here. People that I want to see baptized before I go. There are a lot of great people in Jaen and they are very receptive and loving. I've been blessed to be in this zone and blessed to stay 6 weeks more. I've heard that Chiclayo can be pretty brutal and hard to teach and baptize there. Well this week was another great one. We had a lot of meetings but still taught a lot. The members here are starting to work with us by giving us references and coming with us to our citas; it has been a real blessing. 

Well I don't know if I have mentioned this family yet but a few months ago we were teaching this kid named Jose who wasn't realy progressing much but we went to teach him thinking maybe for the last time and when we got there, he was with a friend. We taught them both a simple lesson about the day of repose (rest) and afterwords we asked the friend of Jose if we could visit him and his family. He politly said yes and we took out a time to meet with him. When we went to teach them, we quickly found out that his mom and the whole side of her family are members and are all active accept for his mom. Ever since then, we have been teaching the Hermana and her chidren. The hermana is coming back to church and her kids are going to be baptized this Saturday. 

I just think it's soo exciting to bring families together because it definitely is the most important unit in the gospel and really is where true happiness is found. In one of our meetings we were taught that we should make sure that our investigators know that we aren't there to baptize them but to help them on their path to receive eternal life and return back to live with their Heavenly Father. Salvation is personal but there is no greater Joy then a family working together , living the gospel together and receiving the blessings that come with it so they can be together forever. It's hard being away from you guys cuz I love you and miss you but It brings me joy to know that we will be together for eternity..(so this refreshing 2 year break) and it brings me great joy to help other families attain this goal. 

We had a family night with the family of Luis and Jessy Garcia Rojas. Jessy is a convert of the hermanas and Luis of us. Right now we are teaching the whole fam, the mom and dad are super hard Catholic and were very resistant  and a little hard-hearted at first. Last night we were able to play some games and share a message of the restoration. The parents still want to continue with there Catholic traditions but last night they thanked us for visting them and their kids. They said that they have seen a huge change in their lives and cuz of that there has been more love and unity in the home. So hopefully poco a poco this family can become a family eterna. 

In the mission I've had lots of feelings of discouragement and incapability but each time I kneel down to pray or open my scriptures, I'm filled with the comfort and strength to carry on. Yeah, the mission is hard, and it really is not gonna get easier but for that I'm happy, because the more challenges I have, the more I'll grow. I'm hoping physicaly as well. Thanks everyone for the letters and support. I'm very happy and loving it out here and don't want to come home until I'm a bigger and better man haha. ( The monkey and the parrot both accepted a Book of Mormon, but really the monkey almost ripped it out of my hands, feisty little truth seeker) 


Elder Harper

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