Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear Mi Hermosa Familia,

Well, it has been quite some time since I've seen y'all.  People keep telling me that I almost have 6 months in the miss, which makes me real nervous cuz at times I don't feel like I'm up to par and I should be.  But that is mish and the vida, beautiful stuff.

Well, this week has been a little stressful for todos because the zone has a big goal and there hasn't been baptisms.  And we have had some trouble with permiso de padres.  Alex, Luis, Nicole (siblings) and their cousin Zach all want to be baptized.  There  mom is a less active member who is awesome and is coming back to church and bringing her kids but the hubby is hard core Catholic and lets them attend church but won't let them get baptized.  Haha, we taught little Inisito to bless the food with his family and ask for his Dad to let him be baptized in the prayer in front of the father (if that makes sense).  He did it and told us his dad said he's gonna think about it.

We are also teaching Clara, the mom of Rony and her daughter Laura.  They still won't accept  a date to be baptized but they are reading the Book of Mormon and are coming to church.  My comp loves to teach with the Bible, especially the Old Testament.  Everyone here believes the Bible is the word of God and I guess sometimes we are a little reluctant or hesitant to teach from the Book of Mormon cuz we fear that they may reject it.  But we have also found that a few of our investigators aren't progressing cuz of a lack of testimony they have in the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  Clara has been super religious her whole life and is really familiar with the Bible.  She knows it very well but had some trouble accepting LDM.  Well this week we have been teaching her with pure LDM and showed them  2 Nephi 29 where it testifies that the testimony of 2 nations is a witness that God exists and loves all his children.  The spirit touched their hearts for sure and Laura said, "I want to read this book because it is super clear".  With a testimony of this book we know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, Jesus Christ is our savior and the church of Jesus Christ is the true church on the the earth today.  It has the fulness of the gospel and brings all to Christ.

We have been teaching a girl namer Britza and her mother Reina.  They have been super receptive and the times when we can't find them or we don't have time to visit them, they call us to set up an appointment.  The other day we were in the park and Britza came up to us and said, "Hermanos, I want to be baptized but how do I repent so I can be?" She also said her mom wants to be baptized but to not tell her that she said that, haha.  They traveled to Chiclayo for a week but we are gonna get a date with them when they get back.

Well this month has been slow but I'm certain that we are in the process of converting true converts.  Well, we aren't, the Lord is, but you know what I mean : )  Well a scripture that has been inspiring me is 2 Nephi 2:14.  I'm not sure exactly what it says in English but basically God has created in the world things that act and things that are acted upon.  This has helped me cuz naturally I'm shy and timid but I want to be the one to act and not wait for it to come to me.  This has given me confidence when teaching and talking to people in the street.

Well I think that is all for this week.  It's raining in Jaen every day almost, haha.  Well I love you all.  Thanks for the support and inspiration you give me.  I hope everything is alright down in the woods of California and them beaches aren't missing me too much. Well, love you all.

Elder Harper

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