Monday, April 20, 2015


Fam, My Crew, 

Well the letter A on my keyboard is jacked so I'm gonna try to use the A as little as possible. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.  It def was a memorable bday. Jampier actually wasn't baptized. We decided to postpone it a few weeks more cuz Prez put some new rules on the young'ns, but he's still stoked and right now we are reading the Book of Mormon with him a lot. 

On my bday we had a cool but simple experience. We were contacting in the morning and it was super rough. We were getting doors slammed in our faces and we were a little discouraged.  But then we noticed a couple little girls dragging these steel poles that are used here for construction into this poor adobe house. We wanted to help so we knocked the door and noticed this old old lady was waddling in her house, pulling these rods of steel as well.  We asked if we could help and she was super grateful.  For an hour we dragged these things in their house. We were sweating, I destroyed my clothes and my hands were blistered and bleeding, but my comp and I felt so good. We went from discouraged to high on the spirit, happy as could be.  The old lady was soo grateful and offered us a little of what she had, a glass of water.  It was a humbling experience and definitely was the best birthday present I've gotten. I know I need to find more simple opportunities like this one to serve and to love. 

Well I was also served on my bday. I ate 3 cakes that 3 different members made me. Plus Maria and Hebert bought me pizza, which was awesome cuz we also joke about pizza with them, idk why, it's one of those you-had-to-be-there things. Even though it was a small act, it was humbling cuz pizza is super expensive here and they don't have much.  Hebert is struggling to find work and they live 

We have been praying hard to find new people to teach and we found this man named Marco. He let us in and listened to us teach about the family.  He invited us to come back and teach him with his wife. His wife was super grateful and said it was a miracle cuz her husband doesn't usually believe in stuff like that. It actually is a better story than I just made it sound but time is low. I love you guys. Oh and I'm going to be here in Imperio for another change, meaning I might die here haha. Well if it's God's will be it . Love you all.

Elder Harper

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