Monday, November 10, 2014


Well family and friends, it was a great week! Elky Sanchez was baptized on Saturday and confirmed the next day as well. The program went well and it was a very spiritual experience. But it was also a very stressful experience haha. Elky's little bro, Juan, was also supposed to be baptized but the day of the interview he didn't want to come and starting crying cuz he was scared to be asked questions by somebody he doesn't know. ( I don't blame the kid) But his dad talked him up and got him pumped up again to be baptized on Saturday. His interview was planned for Saturday before the baptism. Well we planned on meeting them in the church at 1:30 to do the interview and the baptism was going to be at 3. Well not a single person set foot in the chapel until 4, and when they all came, Juan got scared again and didn't want to be interviewed. So we went on with the program and baptized his bro. It's all good cuz we are gonna work more with him so he can have more confidence and feel better prepared. But Elky is a stud and is going to receive the priesthood next week as well so that will be awesome for his family.

Well we have sisters in the area now. They are pretty cool. One is from Utah and one is from California. It's been pretty stressful helping them find a house and a pension and helping them know the area but they got the hang of it now. Some of the members are surprised that sisters came because it's a pretty dangerous area, but we put them in the nice part and we moved to the shlums where it's pretty sketch. 

This week we have been working hard with the families. It's pretty sad cuz we have about three killer families that we just love, but they will not go to church for some reason. They love to listen to us and they read and pray but church is always a huge complication for the people here. It hurts sometimes to see people you love not be able to progress but I know I need to have patience as well cuz true converts aren't made over night. 

Well I was reading in Alma this week and I stumbled upon one of my favorite chapters, Alma 24. I just love the example of how the anti nefi lehis (? is that what they are called in English?) Well, they're examples of being faithful in keeping their covenants. They had such strong faith that God would bless them if they were faithful. They knew if they were to die by not taking up their weapons and fighting, they would be saved and dwell with our Father in Heaven. When thus happened, the Lamanites who were slaying saw their faithfulness and were converted. A lot of the times the gospel is shared more effectively with actions then with words. I'm not a man of many words. I struggle to speak in Spanish and in English (my Utah comp understands me better when I speak Spanish) but I know as I am faithful and give it all, my all and I are blessed and I an impact the lives of others. The gospel is soooo simple and so amazing. Just live it and you will be happy Alma 24:14. God loves us and has given us this plan so we can make it back to him ...I just can't wait my brothers and you all.  Thanks for your strength and support.

Elder Harper

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