Monday, July 28, 2014


Well family it has been another swell week in Las Brisas,

Oh Congrats Blake on getting married! Sorry I couldn't be there. I gots work to do. Well this week the ward helped us out a lot. Almost every day and almost every lesson we have a member with us which has been helping a lot. Karen is still super amped and now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and prophets and she still wants  to be baptized but her husband doesn't want her to. He wants to baptize his kids in the Catholic church and wants to be married in the Catholic church. Karen tells us that he doesn't hit her but he's prideful and won't even let her go to church, even though she came this Sunday. Well she said she's willing to be baptized without him knowing but we talked in ward council and came to agreement that the gospel is meant to strengthen families and if her being baptized might cause major family problems, we should wait to put a baptism date until he accepts her decision. So we are going to try to teach him but he really is never in his house. Yesterday I went with the first counselor on splits and when we arrived they were leaving to do some things in town but at least I got to know him a little bit and we made an appointment with him and the first counselor for this week so we shall see how it goes.

But seriously I love teaching with the members here, especially the leaders cuz they are all faithful converts. Yesterday I also had an opportunity to teach a young couple who isn't married with the bishop and his wife. The Bishop and his wife shared their story of how the gospel changed their lives and their home. The Bishop only has 12 years in the church and before he had many personal and family problems. He drank and fought his wife and did other things that aren't so nice but the missionaries arrived to their home and his wife wanted to be baptized right away. He threatened his wife that if she was going to be baptized he would leave her and their child. Well his wife had faith and was baptized. And even though the bishop didn't leave her, he always attacked her verbally when the church was brought up. Well, 6 years after, he asked the missionaries if he could be baptized and a few years after that he became Bishop. It was a powerful testimony and I'm thinking it would help Karen with her situation as well. 

Well this week I also had a powerful experience with the Priesthood power. We received a call that a brother who is a returned missionary was real sick and needed an emergency priesthood blessing. We sprinted to his house and found him curled up in a ball shaking and crying hysterically. We found out that he wasn't sick but that he works in security and he witnessed one of his fellow workers die and he was traumatized. We placed our hands upon his head and I gave a simple blessing but the spirit was strong and when we took our hands off his head he was completely calm. I'm just happy that I was worthy and ready in the moment so the spirit and the priesthood could work through me. We keep visiting him and sometimes when we enter he's sad but during the visits he starts to tell us mission stories and we all leave laughing. He's a great guy. Well this is all I have for you guys this week. Thank you for your emails and support. You definitely are the best! I love you all.

Elder Harper

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