Monday, June 8, 2015

THIS will be MY 3rd SON & HE will KILL ME like I KILLED my FATHER, haha........

Well family and friends,

I couldn't be happier; it has been a good week.   Like God promised Abraham that his descendants would be like the sands of the sea, or something like that, I think I have received that same promise.. I'm training again...President thought it would be fun to not tell anyone and to see the look on everyones' faces when he announced that they were training.  This will be #3.  I just don't know what to do with all my children. They are all great kids and I'll be leaving them soon.  I'm glad that I have loved and have been besties with all my comps; I didn't have a single jerk.  I have been blessed and I am going to miss all of them.

So this will be my third son and he will kill me like I killed my father, haha.   His name is Elder Chufandama from Lima Callo.  He's a big teddy bear, he's sweet, he's definitely the answer to my prayers. Before the change I was praying that I could learn to be more humble and that I could learn to work harder for my last change. Well mi hijito is super humble and a hard worker and he's teaching me a lot.  Every time he goes to the store to buy something, he buys two and gives the other to me.  I'll come out of the shower in the morning and I'll find him shining my shoes.  I love the kid. We are pretty good friends already and he is probably everything that I'm not haha.  He's super social and good at connecting with the investigators.  Well I'm definitely gonna enjoy my last change and work my butt off. 

My testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened this week.  We've been using it a lot more with our investigators.  We are teaching a Catholic Priest right now, who is reading The Book of Mormon every day, along with his Bible.  He is super sweet and he really listens to us. He says that he is changing, becoming more patient and that his love for others and Jesus Christ has increased. We are working on him so he will come to know that this is the true church.  

Flabio, a kid who we have been teaching,  is also reading the Book of Mormon every day.  He has been praying to know if it is true.  His parents aren't too happy about it.  He asked them if they would start reading and pray to know if it is true and they are doing it!!!  The Book of Mormon has power to change lives and to help us be more like Christ.  I love this Gospel.

I have see some miracles as well in this past week.  When I found out I was staying here in La Victoria my mind just went to Marco and Jessica and how grateful that I'll be with them another change to help them prepare. The first lesson we had with them this week we talked about the baptismal covenant and the blessings we receive when we are baptized. We invited them to be baptized the 11th of July. They looked at each other and said I guess this means we are getting married. Marco said yes and Jessica was a little doubtful. We committed them to converse about it and to pray about it so they could receive an answer.  Oh and I forget to say that when we first got there, they were super stressed and a little discouraged cuz they had lost their jobs that day. Well the next day we found them in the park and Marco told me all excited ¨Harper, our prayers have been answered.  We both have found a new job already and we have decided to be married and baptized¨ I just felt so happy as he said these words to me. We put goals with them so they can achieve their goal of baptism. They never have attended all three hours, but this Sunday they stayed all three hours and loved it.  The only challenge will be marriage but we are gonna do everything possible so they can be married this month so they can be baptized the 11th of July. 

Thanks for all the support.  I love you guys and I'll see you soon.

besitos..Elder Harper

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