Monday, September 23, 2013


Hola Familia and Amigos!!

Sorry I have no time.  I'm gonna have to come up with an efficient method to have time to write everyone and send pics.  This week was great! But nobody told me the mission would be hard? jk
Nobody told me it would be easy. It's hard but I am loving it. Sorry Mom, but the most stressful
part of the week is internet time.

But yeah, my speaking and understanding is coming slowly.  I try to not get frustrated and stay positive. I see that when I am positive and excited, I have the spirit with me and I'm more confident in my teaching.  I know through faith and study the language will come.

Well we've been teaching an average of 5 lessons a day and have lots of investigators but not many are progressing.  There's one 18 year old boy named Nino who wants to be baptized.  We have a date and all but he didn't show up to church so we have to postpone the baptism.  We might have a baptism this week from a reference we got.  We are gonna start teaching her today. She already has gone to church multiple times and has expressed that she wants to be baptized.

So Jaen is really hot.  We either walk or ride by motor taxi.  Sunday was fun.  They asked me and Hulet to bare our testimonies in Sacrament meeting.  I just broke the ice by saying, I can't speak Spanish, then attempted to speak and everyone laughs and it's all good!  Same with lessons too!

Yeah, it's definitely hard but I'm loving it.  Elder Hulet is a great trainer and a hard worker. Yesterday I ate Cuy or guinea pig for the first time.  I'm special cuz that was only Hulet's second time.  It's basically seasoned rubber. We have a really cool zone with lots of Gringos.  So I need to be careful not to slack with my espanol cuz I tend to do that.

Everyone, thanks for all the letters and emails!  I love you guys and keep you in my prayers every night! Especially you Papa!  You are a strong man and I love you so much.  Get better Fast!

Well many times I have wished I was in the states teaching in English, but I know this is where I need to be. I feel the hand of the Lord in my life every day and know as I lose myself in service, I'll be able to progress.  I love being a missionary; it's pretty dope.  I might never come home if that's ok with you guys, jaja.  Also, I've been called Jefecito, which means little boss or chief.

Jeffecito from Jaen,

Elder Harper

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